Musings on the Midtern Election
November 05, 2010

Article Not a clue
by Missouri Rep. Ed Emery (R-126 including the counties of
Barton, Dade, Jasper and Polk)

If Barack Obama's comments and answers to reporters' questions on Wednesday were an indication, he either doesn't have a clue what voters were thinking on November 2nd or he just doesn't care. I am convinced the voters were not saying he wasn't moving fast enough as he suggested. They were not saying Republicans weren't cooperating enough as he implied. They were rejecting unconstitutional, arrogant, impoverishing and enslaving policies from government that is supposed to belong to them.

Voters were saying "the people don't belong to the government; the government belongs to the people." They were revolting against unconstitutional mandates, erosion of liberty, and monarchy - from any political party. This election was not about political party but about ideology. Politicians may impound our liberty, but they cannot long contain our love for it. Ronald Reagan re-awakened America in 1980 and '84 ["true" if enough people say so], and America is waking up once again. Americans showed up at the polls Tuesday and said so.

Voters are tired of politicians and judges treating the constitution like it belongs to politicians and judges--it does not; it belongs to the people. I think that is what voters expressed and they are determined to take back both their unalienable rights and their constitution. We won't all describe the source of our outrage with the same words, but it is expressed in last Tuesday's election results.

The surviving makeup of the Congress provides a second declaration from the voters if elected officials will listen. Pundits say the conservative cause was hurt because it was the "Blue Dogs" that lost while the ultra-liberal remain. The pundit's myopic conclusions stem from their assumption that nothing has really changed in Washington, D.C. and that government by political might rather than constitutional limit will continue. They think power politics will continue where the only limit is the size of your majority.

But the pundit's perspective fails back in the arena of constitutional government where the people are in power. The "Tea Party" candidates represented a return to constitutional government, and if they are true to their campaigns they will give in to neither "Yellow Dog" Democrats nor moderate Republicans. The 2010 election results will move us back toward the Constitution; an awakened America will demand it. The result is that moderate Republicans and "Blue Dog" Democrats will find their influence much diminished. You will have in Congress those who will defend our constitution and those who will not. Ideology instead of political power will return to center stage. Right-and-wrong will once again be more important than win-or-lose. What an exciting time to be an American and a conservative!

The resurgence of liberty was not confined to DC. In Missouri conservatives grew by 17 in the House and 3 in the Senate. Across the country, 7 state senates flipped from Democratic majority to Republican while 18 state houses followed suit. This resurgence of conservative perspective has resulted from the stark contrast drawn by the Obama administration between a constitutional republic and a pure democracy (some might say monarchy). These victories along with the addition of at least 10 governors to the conservative column will affect redistricting which could impact elections for a decade or more. Who would have thought that one President could have such a profound and lasting impact on America?

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