Worker's rights are not redressed
July 15, 2009
To the editor:

My son was recently fired without cause. He told one of two new bosses he needed off the next day and was given the okay. the next day he went in to get his check and the other new boss told him he was fired. The excuse given was "no call, no show."

I have since then found that Missouri workers have no rights, no protection and no recourse to redress wrongs.

Two people, husband and wife, were brought in by the franchise owner and introduced as two additional bosses. My son and his mother went the next day and the woman said he had told the wrong person [that he needed the day off]. She denied being a boss. then she turned right around and said she was a part owner.

My son has been denied unemployment benefits because of their lies. Moreover, Missouri does not automatically give a fired worker the benefit of challenging a former employer. Why is that? why is one person's word automatically accepted over another's?...because the one is an employer!

Until recently, the two new bosses were clocking in under the franchise owner's name. The woman has said in front of the workers that she and her husband were not supposed to be working because they were drawing disability.

Someone from the attorney general's office stopped in once and did nothing. The IRS and elected officials are unconcerned that a worker has been mistreated and that the people who did the deed have broken the law. However, the woman boss now signs in under her name.

Why has no public employee, state official, or congressional representative been willing to do anything? Workers of Missouri need a new government.

Eddie L. Vaughn, Lebanon, MO

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