Gulf widens between wealthy elite and common man
April 11, 2005
To the editor:

I am shocked that our senators and representatives in Jefferson City are even considering passing a bill that would allow CAFOs to buy property next to your farm without even a warning.

The proposed legislation repeals state accountability standards for Confined Animal Feeding Operations. Those regulations do not apply to family farms. The CAFO bills would prevent family farmers and nearby landowners from protecting their property and property values from CAFOs; CAFOs decrease nearby property values from 5-50%. The bills also take away local control by eliminating counties’ authority to enact health ordinances to protect their citizens.

Just the idea of enacting legislation that is designed to endanger the land’s capacity to provide sustenance, endanger the health and welfare of family farms and farmers which are the backbone of this country, and endanger clean air and water is preposterous! The explanation for this must be that those senators and representatives are in favor of big business and think the only value worth considering is MONEY.

This bill contributes to the deliberate destruction of the environment and the widening of the income gap between the wealthy elite and the common man. This legislation is also reflective of Missouri’s governing administration.

Sue Skidmore,

Springfield, MO

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