Republican environmental stand attacked
January 15, 2005
Since taking control of the state legislature, Republicans have engaged in a war against the Missouri environment and the health of Missourians. With a slate of proposals that would reduce standards for protecting our air, water, and natural environment, reduce or eliminate penalties for polluters, and hogtie those in the state department of natural resources charged with enforcing health and environmental regulations, the Republicans have consistently served the interests of agribusiness over small farmers and rural communities, and polluting industries over human health and our environment. Only a Democratic governor stood in their way.

Currently a full-time student studying horticulture at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, MO, Emma L. Franklin is a member of the Peace and Justice Coalition, Sierra Club, Wildlife Society, and the Horticulture Club.

She plans to have her own greenhouse to grow plants organically to be used for their properties in producing organic bath/body products.

She is concerned about the future of our environment and precious natural resources as well as the choices that many politicians are making about both of these topics.

Now that they have control over the legislature and the Governor's Mansion, they are sending up trial balloons suggesting an even more audacious attack. What they now are suggesting is to dismantle the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and hand its functions over to agencies committed to environmental exploitation.

Unless the people of Missouri stand in opposition to this folly, the health of Missourians and the quality of Missouri's environment will take a steep nose-dive over the next four years. There is not one hint of a family or moral value in this proposal; it is designed, like everything else coming from these Republicans to promote the interests and wealth of corporate polluters and undermine the health of average Missourians, including the environment upon which we all depend for our welfare.

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