Sciavo issue--one of morality or hypocrisy?
March 27, 2005

Currently a full-time student studying horticulture at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, MO,

She is concerned about the future of our environment and precious natural resources as well as the choices that many politicians are making about both of these topics.

The right wing hypocrites are back.

During the election process they tried to convince voters that they were against abortion and gay marriage when the reality is they just used these issues to divide the nation and were not really concerned about either. Rather, their goal was to persuade voters to elect them to office so they could continue the campaign of bankrupting the nation while giving tax breaks to the wealthy and destroying the social, health, and environmental programs that decades of progressive Democrats and Republicans had set in place.

Now they are making political hay at the expense of a woman who is unable to defend herself. These politicians voted against the very Medicaid that supported Terri Schiavo through years of need. They also voted to restrict law suits against negligent corporations of the very kind that provided funds supporting the wishes of Terri Schiavo's family to keep her alive. Now, solely for political gain they wanted to prolong the life of this individual whom the courts have determined wished not to be subjected to this kind of indignity they wanted to impose upon her.

These politicians want to destroy the very programs that support babies that they insist be born and programs for patients who need health care, but they jump at the chance to take political advantage of the suffering of individuals and families needing the support programs they wish to eliminate. This form of contemptible hypocrisy is neither an American value nor a value anyone should share.

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