Democrats are piggies around the trough
October 10, 2013
To the editor:

Recently, someone asked, “We always hear about Social Security running out of money, but why don’t we ever hear about Welfare running out of money?”

That is a very good question and one that is quite simple to answer!

We are running out of Social Security money because... the politicians robbed the account of individuals who worked their entire lives paying into a bogus retirement system… only to have those same pilfered social security contributions deposited into a Welfare account for people who do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to support society, themselves, or their burgeoning families!

The politicians’ justification for this entitlement shell game is devilishly simple! At the end of the "Social Security Road" elderly voters have a tendency to die within a short period of time... especially as the eligibility age is repeatedly raised by those same politicians. Additionally, remarkably few 72 year-old individuals are still procreating to produce another generation of voters who advocate for their unique interests. Thus, politicians have no political reason to champion the cause of any group who by attrition... will soon lose the ability to vote (except for the deceased of Illinois who vote Democratic as long as their tombstones are legible). However, Welfare people just keep popping out all those little Democrats who are ready, willing, and able to vote the party line in order to get their "freebies."

Like little piggies gathered around the slop trough, entitlement Democrats suck the life out of this country’s dwindling, “financial reserve” (which is actually a misnomer since, without ANY reserve, our debt to China and other creditor nations is to the tune of 16 trillion dollars). But for what it’s worth… after this nation is finally bankrupt, the little piggies will face the same, tragic demise… when everyone’s “bacon is hanging in the fire!”

Edwin Woolsey, Willow Springs, MO

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