Shelter from the storm--natural or otherwise
March 20, 2006
They wern't homeless but they found shelter.

The other evening a wonderful if not unusual thing happened. With tornado sirens blasting. the wind blowing and hail stones falling, a family passing by found a safe place to weather the storm. Along with a sweet older woman from across the street they entered the Neosho Crosslines Guest House "homeless shelter" and found a friendly and a safe place to stay while the storm ran its corse.

This may not be an unusual situation but may be somewhat unknown. Some are still not aware that homeless shelters are not always such a bleak and scary place.

Neosho Crosslines Ministries (possibly the only Crosslines in America operating a homeless shelter) is trying to break the mold. Although they are a Christian based non-profit they do not force religion on their guests. They show them love; sometimes it's tough love. They promote personal decision making and personal responsibility for those decisions, which may not be a popular or at least not a normal stance in modern America, but they believe it is a healthy one.

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