Gov. Blunt orders RES in Carthage to close
December 28, 2005
JEFFERSON CITY Gov. Matt Blunt today ordered the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to temporarily close Renewable Environmental Solutions (RES) Inc., of Carthage until the department reviews the company’s operations and gives them the opportunity to determine what additional steps it can take to become compliant with state air quality rules and operate without producing a vile odor.

Blunt also directed DNR to pursue every legal option to ensure the plant is compliant with state clean air laws and to refer any violations to the attorney general for legal action.

“The people of Carthage have endured terrible odors from the plant for too long,” Blunt said. “I want the business to be successful but the concerns of the people who live and work near the plant is more important to me. If left unresolved, this one business will have a negative impact on the region by hurting tourism and job growth. We simply cannot allow one company to bring down an entire community.”

Blunt has asked Doyle Childers, director of the Department of Natural Resources, to work with RES to review ways the facility can function in a community friendly manner. Blunt said ceasing operations during this interim time period will ensure that the citizens of Carthage are not subjected to a public nuisance while the state looks for an appropriate long-term solution.

RES produces oil from by-products derived from the nearby ConAgra Foods turkey processing facility [as well as helping to dispose of MoArk's spent chickens]. The plant currently produces 100 to 200 barrels of oil per day. RES has been cited for violations of Missouri state air rules on 6 occasions, all in 2005. It was hoped that cooler weather and measures implemented by the facility would lead to substantially decreased odors. This has not occurred and additional measures are needed before spring when experts believe the nuisance will grow more acute due to warmer weather.

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