Michigan governor fulfills World Series wager
November 09, 2006
Gov. Matt Blunt has thanked Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm for fulfilling the terms of their friendly 2006 World Series wager.

Under the terms of the wager, Granholm donned Albert Pujols' St. Louis Cardinals' jersey, read a chapter from Three Nights in August about Cardinals' manager Tony LaRussa, enjoyed a Missouri-branded steak with Missouri wine, and posed for this photograph that was made available on Granholm's website. McGraw Millhaven also interviewed Granholm on the Cardinals' flagship station KTRS, the Big 550, as part of the wager.

Blunt said that he was thrilled that the Cardinals won, that he enjoyed the wager, that Tiger fans are good sports and that Missouri agriculture was showcased in Michigan. (Photographer unknown)

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