Photofreeway consolidates missing person info
September 23, 2005
Because people have become frustrated over using the many Internet lists of missing persons in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Bill Wolcott decided to do something to help consolidate all the information.

180+ volunteers are helping him upload pictures of missing persons and catgorize information. Born on September 1, 2005, his website Photofreeway offers those looking for displaced and lost people a place to upload pictures and/or text, see a listing of shelters, and do a mega search of all online missing persons' websites with one click.

In addition, he encourages people to follow the threads of his forums in assisting the recovery of lost individuals.

"I get a lot of media asking if the site is making any money at all," Wolcott says. "The answer to that is NO; the site is setup as a free public service. Also any third party service I use such as the free email donated by is also revenue free."

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