Opposing nuclear energy expansion
March 15, 2011
To the editor:

Nuclear energy is the equivalent of a vile of aged nitro-glycerin in a room full of playful, curious kittens. No matter how well you hide or attempt to disguise that vile, those kittens WILL find it, and it will take only one.

The nuclear energy marketers will use the same exact phraseology that British Petroleum (BP) used to assure the citizens of the United States and Gulf Coast that BP had all the safeguards in place, and there was nothing to worry about. That was an untold amount of economic disaster ago, after a uncountable amount of sea-life destruction which occurred, and a degree of pollution damage that is incalculable due to its' massive size in that disasters' wake.

Sure . and there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Lies can kill you.

Stand firm against nuclear energy expansion.

Jack Clark, Sedalia, MO

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