Ask Christie about Race to the Top
September 20, 2010
To the editor:

To anyone planning to see New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, the newest Republican darling, touring America with his message of reform: Ask him about "Race to the Top", Obama's state-education program to which New Jersey submitted a blundered application which cost the state $400M in funding. Lest Christie (gasp!) LIE about it, the truth is that a question about 2008-9 funding was answered using 2010-11 figures, which Education Commissioner and Christie bedfellow Bret Schundler inserted after editing out the 2008-9 figures, an egregious grade-school blunder never caught by a $500K consultant. Christie's only responses: blame Washington, fire Schundler, and hide the consultant; but the fact is, Christie can't get more than 51% of NJ's districts to participate in Race to the Top.

J. Andrew Smith
Bloomfield, NJ

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