Never forget 9/11
September 09, 2011
To the editor:

Never forget 9/11/2001.

Never forget Bush at that instant: seven minutes of dumbfounded silence.

Never forget the next-day words of Bush, "Go shopping", and EPA director Whitman, "The air is safe".

Never forget "Bin Ladin Determined to Strike in US", the 8/6/2001 memo of actionable intelligence that Bush didn't act on, allowing thousands' deaths.

Never forget where Bush invaded in response: Iraq, where Saddam truthfully denied WMD's -- not Afghanistan, where Osama went then and al-Qaeda still trains.

Never forget the PATRIOT Act trampling the Constitution: warrant-less wire-tapping, torture, detaining people without charges, etc., etc.

Never forget two no-bid contracts: Cheney's with his KBR and Halliburton to get Iraq's oil, and Giuliani's with his Motorola buddies for the FDNY's and EMS's bad radios.

Never forget on Election Day: these and other Republicans never got Osama; Democrat Obama did.

J. Andrew Smith
Bloomfield, NJ

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