Wanted--gas masks for Carthage, MO residents
March 13, 2005
This poem is dedicated to the citizens of Carthage, MO in commiseration for the suffering caused by Renewable Environmental Solutions and its inability to curtail the stink emanating from its facility.

The author Albert Midoux is an environmental activist from McDonald County, Missouri.

Ode to The Dept of Natural Repose:

When the air is bad and the stench so vile,

the worst your nose has sniffed in a while.

The ovens in town must be cooking today

and it smells more like carrion than donuts, I'd say.

My olfactory senses are the best they can be

and my proboscis will notice even things I can’t see.

The odor floating in on the wind this fine day

can wrinkle the clouds and hold maggots at bay.

We need help cries the mayor, while holding his nose,

the stink is so bad it’s shrinking my clothes.

I’ll call DNR! A voice cries out.

These are the people who sniff stinkers out.

I called them, they're coming, they're sending a crew,

Both experts on stinkers they know what to do.

There’s a lady who’s coming, we can’t wait to meet her.

There’s talk she’ll be packing her new "scent-o-meter".

Scent-o-meter you say! Hey! I know this device.

It pleases polluters and puts issues on ice

Designed to belittle the stench in the air

and convince us in fact what we smell is not there.

The experts have gone but the facts are quite plain.

They have taken their meter but the stink will remain.

A mission designed to discredit the nose

And allow the polluter to smile in repose

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