Neocons are eroding the Republican Party
September 30, 2005
The Neocon political credo is uncompromising just as that of the Machiavellians; it is alchemy of the must toxic and corrosive known, a collection of elements to hold and maintain power.

This minuscule group has taken the keys to OUR country and intends to do drive-by shootings at their will throughout the world. Now in control this group has brought their ideology into mainstream politics as a legitimate political philosophy, and they accomplished this with the help of certain Christian elements. This is exactly what has been occurring since 1979. The Republican Party has become a host for this Neocon element that is getting ready to spread its wings and destroy whatever is in its path, and it has to destroy everything by fear, force, and fraud to maintain its clutches to power.

The reprobate buffoons that call themselves Republicans and associate with the Neocons have been warned. They should realize that this Neocon philosophy is a derivative of the ideas of jobless intellectuals during the world-wide depression of the 1930s. These concepts were brilliantly satirized in a novel by George Orwell called 1984.

The reprobates will steal, spend, and kill everything possible before their misconceived ideas fail. Examples of failure include handling relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina, invading Iraq, and capturing bin Laden. They are not LEADERS they are cowards. The commander-in-chief has failed at everything he has ever been involved with.

The time is now to take the keys back from the flawed deranged leadership before it becomes too late. These Neocons have nothing to lose so before they invade another country, before another unqualified appointment kills more Americans, and before they embarrass us in front of the world again. We have no choice but to do our duty as American Citizens, use our vote responsibly, and restore sanity to our Great Nation and ourselves.

Commentary by Ira Jesse Hemingway

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