Fitzgerald's search of truth earns our repect
October 29, 2005
We have arrived; someone please give me the time on the stop watch: 4 years 9 months 8 days (?) since George W. Bush took office. I would like to remind everyone about the line in the movie, “Every Which Way but Loose” when Clint Eastwood tells the orangutan to scrap the car. The ape would tear the car apart piece by piece on the command, "George, scrap it." We the people have learned a lot from that dreadful day of January 21, 2001, when the Supreme Court by a 5-4 decision ultimately picked our President by scrapping the judgment of the Supreme Court of Florida and, thereby, denying a recall vote in that state.

Special council Patrick J. Fitzgerald turned on a spotlight. The Neocons had no place to hide. I know the Republican Party has nothing of value to offer the citizens of the United States of America at the present time. Please take a moment to realize that if you aren’t a member of the neocons, rightwing nut jobs, and criminally insane that the moral values that the Republicans have been selling the public is embodied in Patrick J. Fitzgerald. If the Republican Party would ever want to make an attempt at running the country again it could only happen with someone that actually has the same qualities as he.

For two years Fitzgerald was unable to get a truthful answer from Vice president Dick Cheney's top aid, Scooter Libby, which leads any rational person to believe that treachery is an overused quality within the Bush Administration.

It has been public knowledge that no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq. Both the President and the Vice President knew that also when they used them as an excuse to invade Iraq; whoops, I jumped the gun. I should wait until the next Grand Jury confirms that. So far, Libby hasn't squealed, but that still makes for a sad day in America. And what will his position be when faced with jail time?

The Republican Party is spun out. The Pro-Lie (sic) Party's agenda is no better than that of our enemies', both foreign and domestic.

Over 2000 American service members have died, not to protect us, but to further the cause of the Bush Administration. Over 40,000 American service members have been wounded to further the cause of the Bush Administration. Many thousands of innocent Iraqis have died to further the cause of the Bush Administration. All this carnage for what-- to promote the Bush Administration's agenda and their lack of anything that resembles honor or what America really stands for? The fruit by which the Bush Administration will be judged by is of the wicked variety. And in the end all the people that support the Bush Administration will be held responsible; there is no free ride when you consciously support this reprehensible behavior.

I stand with Patrick J. Fitzgerald during any future investigation and thank him for his valiant efforts to restore honor to American politics.

Commentary by Ira Jesse Hemingway

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