Blunt vs. Nixon: stalking charge alleged
November 16, 2007
To the editor:

I was at the roundtable discussion about health care and the effects of the Medicaid cuts that Jay Nixon attended in Columbia. I was there to assist one of the gentlemen in a wheelchair and did not intend on participating directly in the conversation about the effects of the Medicaid cuts and people with disabilities. During the meeting, I stepped outside to get some fresh air and observed a young gentleman scanning the property with his video camera and taking pictures of myself, the yard, flowers on the terrace and trying to peer into the window of the private residence of someone participating in the meeting. I felt personally violated.

It was later revealed to me that this person was someone paid by Governor Matt Blunt to stalk Jay Nixon in the event the AG makes a political misstep and then the video could be used for political reasons. I am not naïve to think politics are for the pure but I found the hiring of this cameraman during this particular event to be particularly seedy.

Governor Blunt has substantially more money to spend than Jay Nixon for the Governor's race and may be at a loss to find ways to spend it. I would suggest that Mr. Blunt not spend his money on peering into private residences and concentrate on using his money to promote his ideas instead.

John Fry
Columbia, MO

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