Nuances of killing
September 02, 2008
--By Joe Green

I recently wrote an article about why I believe abortion is murder; the responses I received were interesting, to say the least. I always am amazed at the level of denial some people will sink to in order to justify the heinous and inhumane act of murdering unborn babies! First they change the name so that their conscience is not bothered. They refer to the baby as a “fetus” instead of “unborn child” in order to make it less human. Then they bring up the war and the innocent casualties that happen in a war. That is merely a distraction so they can justify their silence concerning the crime of abortion.

I don’t like war; however, I do believe that it is sometimes necessary. I believe this because I understand human nature and human history. It would be foolish for me to believe that war is never necessary. If the north had not stood up against the South and gone to war, then, I, being an African American, would still be a slave. If the US had not gone to war in 1940 against Hitler and his tyrannical assault on the free world, we would all be speaking German right now. I guarantee there were innocent casualties in all of those conflicts.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with the war in Iraq, what does that have to do with the legalized murder of 40 million babies?

But let’s get to the heart of the issue:

A child is a human at conception. From a Biblical standpoint the Bible is clear that God has given us an identity even before we are conceived. But to go a step further, science also backs up the claim that life begins at conception.

The fact of the matter is that a fertilized egg has a unique set of human DNA from the mother. The baby has its own blood type and its heart begins beating within 3 weeks of conception. All these should be criteria that determine humanity. What you would refer to as a “fetus” is simply a human at an earlier stage of development. The fact that the baby is dependent on the mother only demonstrates the level of development; it should not be a determinate of its humanity. Dependency on the mother does not take away the pre-born child’s humanness.

Just like a newborn that still has to depend on other people for its nourishment and safety, the unborn baby is just at a different stage of development. From the time of our infancy until we die our bodies are constantly developing and changing. These different stages of development have no bearing on whether or not we are human; they are simply stages of development. The same way a 50-year-old is no more or less “human” than a 6-month-old baby; the unborn child in the womb is still a human and deserves to live!

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