Authoring one's manhood
October 30, 2012
by Jack L. Kennedy

Manhood and Other Stuff is rather direct.

The subtitle is “The Testosterone Principles 2.” The extremely self-confident author is TC Luoma, the publisher Balboa Press.

Luoma claims the volume is “a man’s guide to manning up,” and “a fresh philosophy of manliness for the modern man.” He claims expert knowledge of male anatomy and motivations, if not of subtlety and sensitivity. He is the editor of a website called "Testosterone Nation," devoted to weight training, “sports supplementation and changing body physique.” His first book, unsuspecting readers are told, was titled Atomic Dog: The Testosterone Principles. This begat volume 2 of the series.

There is a place for a humorous look at manhood, being macho and mating, if the writer is witty and does not clobber the reader with obvious, outspoken half-witticisms. This book, based upon previously published Luoma columns, becomes instead a mix of silly stereotypes, sayings and sex, with a large dose of ego rather than humor as the attempt at literary glue.

Proclaiming that “testicularity is the last vanguard of civilization,” the author offers a variety of chapter topics under the guise of guidance, with titles including "Mom Was a Stripper," "Generation Dope," "She Wants Me," "A Harpoon Through the Heart," "Hygiene for Real Men," "Fruit of the Loins" and "Happy Dress Like a Whore Day."

Luoma wisdom on how to build up a relationship often is offered. There are frequent, varied and colorful descriptions of a “real man” and specifics of his anatomy. Included are an estimated 234 references to testicles, plus advice on the care of beautiful butts and breasts.

Men, including authors,” often see themselves as funny and sexy and attractive. It often is difficult discerning whether Luoma wants readers to laugh with him or at him.

Words of wisdom do crop up at times. At one point Luoma says, “Sexuality is a big part of us, an important part that I like a whole helluva lot. I just hope the pornification of America doesn’t give us a world where every woman grows up to be as vapid and clueless as Paris Hilton.”

In another chapter, he says: “Don’t blame women for taking advantage of men. The wonder is that we continue to fall for it.”

Luoma’s words about women and other topics may be popular on their web birthplace. However, overt, constant sex talk, including references to specific anatomical features are not always laughable to the judging book audience. What happened to subtlety? Having digested this book, the reader may choose to retire to his or her private sanitary facility, sit down and move to determine what the end product should be.

Some may find this book amusing, if not reflective or instructive. For me it runs somewhat like an unfettered, wild river, or an out of control hydroelectric project, leaving me to wonder if it is worth a dam[n].

Title - Manhood and Other Stuff
Author: TC Luoma
Publisher: BalboaPress (Feb. 1, 2012)
$17.98/paperback; $3.99/Kindle at; 517 KB
ISBN-10: 1452543720
ISBN-13: 978-1452543727

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