UFOs: U.S. government's big secret
January 02, 2016
by Jack L. Kennedy

After the holiday turkey and cheese dip are gone, why not turn instead to some food for thought.

Ancient Alien --Theory Decoded by Robert Sickler (XLibris) may not be easily digested by some. It uses history, some fact, and some science fiction fantasy in framing the proposition that unidentified flying objects are real. They have been around for centuries, Sickler believes, but the United States government refuses to acknowledge their existence.

The author attempts to be factual, not entirely fanciful or frivolous, as he unfolds his case. Readers may be drawn into the book by its references to theology, science, history, politics and other fields as a way to either discredit or defend the UFO existence and coverup theory. The book may be entirely alien to a significant sampling of introspective folk, but it raises a number of questions. Like any controversy or uncharted territory, it is worth the exploration.

Sickler has several college degrees and decades of industry experience, in geology, mining, engineering, implementation of new mining systems, research and robots. He is a Vietnam veteran and minister in both the Methodist and Christian denominations. One of the semantic twists in his tale is his marriage of both spiritual and scientific bases for defining the universe, its past and present.

At one point, he states flatly, “Yes, aliens are real and they do appear to have an agenda dealing with humans.” But he quickly adds that the agenda may not be in the best interest of all humans.

There is evidence eons ago that aliens interacted with humans and are not through with us yet, the book suggests. Fear may be one reason, Sickler asserts, for the longtime and widespread coverup of their activities he claims the federal government supports. He cites, or sights, reports by the US military and others going back to WWII that are said to be tangible evidence of UFO existence and the alien agenda.

But fear not, Sickler says in his tome that is equal thirds science, politics and religion. There is hope that religious tolerance and what he calls “spiritual unification” can take place. There is a universal desire, he adds, to live a safe and comfortable life.

As you read the book, pause, think, compare and reflect. All of the ideas may not seem alien, after all.

Title: Ancient Alien --Theory Decoded
Author: Robert Sickler
Publisher: Xlibris (October 22, 2015)
Paperback: 144 pp./ $19.99 @Amazon.com
ISBN-10: 1503595870
ISBN-13: 978-1503595873
Kindle: 151 pp./1382 KB/$3.99

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