Sign up for home repairs in Pittsburg
January 31, 2014
Hearts and Hammers of Pittsburg, Inc. announces that applications for homeowners are available now for properties to be included in the annual workdays in April 2014. Homeowners that are financially or physically unable to perform repairs on their home are eligible to apply.

Application forms are available at the Pittsburg City Hall Utilities Office, 201 W. 4th St., the Pittsburg Housing Office at 603 N. Pine, the Homer Cole Senior Citizen Center at 3003 N. Joplin, and the Pittsburg Salvation Army at 307 E. 5th St. Applications must be mailed to Hearts and Hammers no later than Friday, Feb. 21, 2014.

Hearts and Hammers officials will rank the applications in priority order for inclusion in the spring workday based on need, the work to be performed, and the estimated cost of the repairs. Typical work performed includes minor plumbing, electrical, carpentry, scraping and painting and general clean-up of the property. The work will be performed by community volunteers under the supervision of house captains that are experienced in construction.

Hearts and Hammers of Pittsburg, Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization that has been approved by the IRS as a tax-exempt organization under the federal tax code. Persons or businesses that are interested in donating to help cover costs of the workday are encouraged to contact Executive Director Jenny McCool-O’Dell at (417) 434-1339 or by email here. Volunteers for the workday will be recruited in March of 2014.

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