Flottman awarded $2500 in ice scupture contest
January 17, 2007
John Joslyn, owner of Branson's Titanic Museum Attraction and Jaynee Vandenberg of the museum staff are shown with John Flottman of Ideas in Ice of Oklahoma City, the winner of the ice carving contest sponsored by the National Ice Carving Association. The free community event that attracted many of the country's most creative ice sculptors was held on January 13, 2007 by the ship's bow. Flottman was awarded $2,500 in cash for his chronological vertical ice scupture collage of Titanic images, including portrayal of the ship's maiden voyage, the New York Times announcement of its sinking and the wreckage as seen by a submersible.

The Titanic Museum Attraction will host next year's event on January 12, 2008. For entry information, go to www.nica.org.

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