Inspiration of hope
June 30, 2013

by Jack McKean

The best and most beautiful thing about this world is hope. Itís during our darkest hours where we can find hope to come and turn a negative into a positive. Donít judge each day by how much money you make or how many friends you have but instead let hope guide you through each day. Hope is a bundle of joy that consist of two things: faithfulness and best relationships. If you have hope you for sure will have these things.

Hope is not something that you just throw away and save for the future. Itís something that you create for the present. Nothing is impossible if you have hope. Hope does not determine where you go but instead hope determines where you start.

Hope does not come in how many things you have or how much popularity you get. Instead hope comes from the soul.

You canít change your physical being but you can adjust your spiritual being by using hope. Gravity is not the only thing that moves the world. Hope just moves the world faster. Hope is a spiritual grace that God gives us to control our fears. You donít look for God in the sky you find him in hope.

Hope rather than doubt is the key root to life. Hope is the key to greatest deeds that you can do for people. Everyone on earth has a chance to make a difference; all you need is hope, inspiration and love.

Give hope and people will be inspired. Hope is a beauty given to us by freedom. Hope is a forum of aspiration. Hope is so widespread that no matter what you do hope will never be destroyed.

As hope increases in your life negative influences will decrease. Hope is essential in your life; never turn your back on hope. It will always guide you through the darkest hours. Never give up even if life throws you a curve.

A little bit about Jack McKean: A sophomore at St. Thomas Aquinas in Overland Park, Kansas, Jack in his first column wants to inspire people from Joplin. In his free time he loves to fly planes, run 5K races and write local news articles. He hopes he is an inspiration to everyone he meets. His future plans include joining the U.S. Air Force.

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