Oops, I'm sorry...
September 04, 2006
To the editor:

Republican candidates across the entire nation are struggling desperately to distance themselves from George W. Bush and the kakistorcratic [society governed by its worst citizens] administration he has built around himself. After supporting the insanity of this administration since 2000, voting for all the legislation that has allowed the Bush regime to become the closest thing to despotism and anarchy this country has ever seen, now all of a sudden – IN DESPERATION TO WIN AN ELECTION – they are saying: “Oops … I made a mistake …I’m sorry. There! Now everything is okay, and you can vote for me”.

Bull pucky!

It was these very same Republicans who would NOT listen to their constituents, who would not listen to the objections of the American People. It was these same Republicans who elected to follow Bush’s political agenda instead of the Constitution of the United States of America and voted in legislation that favored tax relief for the ultra-wealthy, big business profits, and PROMOTED lies of the Executive Branch and ignored the needs of the American People and denied an increase in minimum wage.

Now, saying “I’m sorry, I made a mistake” won’t cut it.

To the Republican incumbents voters of America need to say: “You had your chance, and you betrayed us, the American Constitution and embraced a political agenda that was, and is, detrimental to the United States, it’s allies and the American People. We will NOT let you continue along your path of destroying America, and we will NOT vote you back into office, nor place other Republicans of the same mindset in your stead”.

These Republicans are trying to “buy” both their offices and America with huge campaign coffers of funding, and permeate the air waves and newspaper with “spins” and apologies and anything else in their desperation to sway the American People into voting for them.

Now, watch them try to “miscount” votes, or invalidate valid votes, or deny legitimate American voters from casting their votes, (that isn’t “speculation”, they have a history of doing just that), in order to win, even through the risk of fraudulent and unethical means.

While Democrats are not “perfect”, they most certainly support America and the needs of the American people, something the Republican Party has NOT done for six long, devastating years and Americans and rest of the entire world know it.

Enough. The time has come to finally stop the insanity.

We must absolutely guarantee, through our votes, that Republicans at any level of government do NOT attain or retain offices in our land.

Jack Clark
Sedalia, Missouri

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