God's only party: vote them out
October 18, 2006
For years now we who dare to dissent from the views of the Republican Party, aka God's Own Party, have been told we are ignorant, are against the troops, that our religious beliefs are wrong, and that Bush is a messenger from God. Torture and telling lies, fear and smear are good virtues if the results are in the favor of the GOP.

The Bible tells of those who speak falsely and are believed by the masses. Has it more often than not been those who profess to be the most holy that are instead the most corrupt? The Republican creed has been: I've got mine and I deserve it, and good luck to you.

The Republican Party's pro-life mantra only applies to the unborn. They have repeatedly voted against programs to help the poor and middle class. They have the audacity to tell people that abstinence is the only answer to all sexual issues.

And what about the inequity in distribution of wealth? With the Republicans in power the incomes of the richest 1% has risen dramatically with top CEOs making 411 times more than an average American worker. The poorest one fifth of households only saw their debt over income rise substantially in the last three years.

One American child in four lives in poverty. 13,000,000 American children live in families that are "food insecure." 37,000,000 poor people are inadequately educated to obtain better paying employment.

And health care...when will that be the real issue rather than gay marriage and abortion?

Our President has lied us into an illegal war that will continue, as he says, after he leaves office...let someone else deal with it. Thousands of humans have died for exactly what? Our troops are brave, honorable people who are being misused and let down. American funded Saddam for years until these guys decided they wanted more pie.

The estate tax was renamed the death tax by Karl Rove. Eliminate it for the most wealthy, forget the poor, send jobs overseas. Maybe, if you can't find a job, you can join the military and provide more fodder for those greedy chicken hawks.

Value voters, you have been hoodwinked. Say, NO, I'VE HAD ENOUGH. Vote the Republicans out on November 7th.

Commentary by Jane Ryan
Campbell, MO

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