Missouri House tries to shaft workers again
April 10, 2012
To the editor:

ICYMI [in case you missed it], the Missouri House yet again has wasted time and resources revisiting an unfair approach to workers' compensation, even after Governor Nixon's recent veto of the similar Senate bill. HB 1403 denies workers who are suffering diseases from exposure to toxic substances on the job access to civil court. Further, this bill will do nothing to fix the second injury fund. It will leave over 1,200 families without compensation that they have already been awarded under the law. This bill was one vote shy of getting the 82 votes necessary to pass, and would need to be brought back before the floor for a third reading.

Hopefully state politicians will recognize the need to come together for a common solution that will both benefit injured workers and help spur the economy and keep it growing.

Jesse Sipe, Missouri AFL-CIO communications coordinator

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