NOW demands resignation of Larry Kay
August 18, 2016
To the editor:

Missouri National Organization for Women (NOW) has learned that the executive director of the Missouri Veterans Commission has just resumed his job after a court found that he had discriminated against a woman employee. The court ordered him to pay nearly $3 million in damages.

We are outraged that he has been rewarded for his unlawful actions by returning to his rather well-paid job. It is unbelievable that Missouri government is so callous about discrimination against women employees that it allows supervisors who are known to discriminate to go on working in the same position as if nothing had happened. This man should be fired immediately.

Missouri NOW calls on the Commission members to show that they care about women's rights and safety in the workplace and do the right thing by demanding that Director Larry Kay resign immediately.

Seileach Corleigh, president, Missouri National Organization for Women (NOW)

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