Wake up, America
January 01, 2005
In baseball, when an umpire makes mistakes, even though the game cannot be played again, the players appreciate it when he admits his mistake and vows to try to avoid future errors. Those who refuse to acknowledge their mistakes are bound to repeat them if the same conditions arise.

We ask the same of politicians. When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, The U.S. did not invade Mexico, Thailand, or Indonesia; we recognized Japan as the adversary. When Al Qaeda attacked the U.S., George Bush engaged in a brief foray into Afghanistan that was terminated when we let Osama bin Laden escape from the caves of Tora Bora. Then Bush invaded the uninvolved sovereign nation of Iraq – using 9-11 as the excuse and a pack of lies and distortions to justify it; he was told at the beginning that Iraq was not responsible but he invaded anyway – costing over 1000 American lives.....

The failure of Bush to recognize this mistake tells us he might again concoct a pack of lies to try to persuade us and the world that military action is necessary when it is not. He might again send our military friends and families to fight and die in an unjustified war.

John Kerry, on the other hand, continues to recognize the folly that is the Bush Iraq War, offered a plan to solve it, and –unlike Bush or Cheney, having fought himself would have been unlikely ever to send our troops into harm’s way without just cause.

Commentary by Justin Head

Cape Girardeau, MO

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