I really hate that cat
August 19, 2011
Several years ago, I served as midwife to a young black cat that gave birth to six kittens in the bottom of my bathroom closet. She was a stray who had adopted us and, at some point in time, found herself in the family way. Imagine: six kittens in her very first (and only) pregnancy!

For years, she slept at the end of our bed, snapping at my feet under the covers and even growling should I disturb her by rolling over or otherwise jostling the mattress.

I think I hate that cat.

But it's not her sour-puss disposition that annoys me. Her infraction is much more serious than that.

She has the best body I've ever seen.

Lithe and elegant, she loves to roll over and taunt me with her taught tummy. No sagging, no stretch marks--just rock hard abs.

I hate that cat.

For me, one of the toughest parts about becoming a mom is what happened to my body, and I'm not talking about labor (although that deserves serious respect). The whole thing is summed up by the first time I weighed myself after giving birth. I was shocked to realize that although I could now carry my baby in my arms, most of the pregnancy weight was still on my hips, thighs and tri-fold tummy!

I was able to get pretty much back into shape by breast feeding and working out to television exercise shows. I maintained a comfortable weight for a good decade--not skinny, but healthy.

And then, it happened. My metabolism disappeared. I misplaced it or something. And my weight started to creep up. So, now my life is an exercise in moderation and trying to do some activity that's good for my heart, helps burn calories, is beneficial to my bones and doesn't hurt my joints.

And that wretched cat just rolls over and shows me her belly.

I really hate that cat.

Commentary is by Toni Garcia Carpenter of Jacksonville, FL, author and free-lance writer/producer. Her latest book is Domestic Commando: A Stay at Home (R)evolution, which empowers parents to do the best they can for their families. She is the proud mother of two children whom she considers her greatest work.

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