Petition for a new foreign policy
July 10, 2003
Like never before in our history, our current foreign policy is taking our nation, and the world, in a radical and reckless direction. The Bush Administration has turned our country into a global renegade.

This is an absolutely crucial time to demonstrate to all presidential candidates that millions of Americans demand a better direction for our country. We want positive, constructive leadership toward a foreign policy that isn't foreign to our values.

In less than three years, radical unilateralists in the Bush Administration have redefined America's relationship with the world. The administration has employed US forces to preemptively invade Iraq, recklessly putting hundreds of thousands in harm's way. They have used our country's resources to provide arms and expand military training to governments that abuse the human rights of their own citizens. They have put us on a road toward reviving the arms race through their plans for a new breed of nuclear weapons and missile defense. Along the way, a host of international agreements have been thrown out the window.

The 40 yr. old Peace Action group, a merger of SANE and The Freeze, originally mobilized for peace and disarmament, continues to work towards those goals. Peace Action's Campaign for a New Foreign Policy is demonstrating to Democrats, Republicans, and others that the American people insist on a more constructive path for our nation. The candidates--such as Dean, Gephardt, Kerry, Leiberman, Braun, Sharpton, Edwards, Kucinich, Graham and Bush--must put forward a better vision for our role in the world: a vision that upholds human rights and democracy by ending arms sales to dictators; a vision that will lead us to a new era free from the threat of weapons of mass destruction; a vision that cherishes international cooperation as both the means and the end.

To urge the candidates to support human rights and democracy and to reduce and control nuclear threat, add your name to the petition for a new foreign policy.

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