Claims of Blunt's spokesperson refuted
November 08, 2005
With respect to a November 2nd Springfield News-Leader commentary by Burson Taylor, Roy Blunt's communications director, please allow me, a constituent of Blunt, to respond. Ms. Taylor claims that the anti-Blunt ads airing on a few courageous TV stations in the area are false and misleading. She claims Roy Blunt has no authority over his ROYB PAC Fund and no wrong-doing in money "exchanges" with Tom DeLay.

Roy Blunt is the "honorary" chairman of the ROYB Fund, but he has no voting or financial control? Well, will someone please tell him that his PAC has been paying Jim Ellis for consulting and political fundraising up until July 2005? Ellis also ran DeLay's TRMPAC Fund until this summer when he was criminally indicted for money laundering. And will someone please tell Roy that his PAC has paid out $10,000. each to the Ellis and DeLay criminal defense funds?

Roy has forgotten the difference between legal and ethical actions, whether it involves money, lobbyists or political agendas.

There truly are southwest Missourians who simply want to cleanup BOTH sides of congress. We are tired of the incestuous relationship between lobbyists and congressmen. The NRCC website will show you 99 November fundraising events for congressmen and their lobbyists to choose from. Let's consider the fund-raiser on November 10th-12th...this Thursday, Friday and Saturday:

You are invited to the ROYB Fund's 2005 Fall Retreat at The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island, South Carolina." This is a new $125 million, 225-room, ultra-luxury oceanfront resort and spa, nestled among majestic live oaks and sits on the islands 10-mile beach. Built in the tradition of a grand seaside mansion, it boasts FIVE championship golf courses.

I thought our congressmen were supposed to be working hard throughout the weeks leading up to their "holiday breaks." Instead, they are starting this weekend on Thursday! This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, pay to play, huh?

And Roy claims he is nothing like Tom DeLay?!

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