Darren Collins of Galena competes in archery
June 29, 2005
The archery event of the Great Outdoor Games held July 7-10, 2005, at Disney’s Wide World of Sports® Complex in Florida requires intense concentration, nerves of steel and remarkable hand-eye coordination in order to succeed. Archers face-off to shoot at both moving and stationary targets. One miss and they could be gone. Pictured is Darren Collins of Galena, KS, the 2003 gold medal winner, who has been invited to compete again in a bracketed format, taking aim at four target positions, some clear, some obstructed. Participants in the Great Outdoor Games compete in a single elimination format for medals and a share of a $550,000 purse. The event will be televised on ESPN and ABC Sports July 14-17, 2005. (photo compliments of ESPN Outdoors Media)

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