Death penalty is questioned
October 03, 2006
To the editor:

Hello my name is Krista Odaffer. I am a social worker at Missouri State University in Springfield. For a policy analysis class at Missouri State, I and several students are addressing the subject of the death penalty and would like to submit our concerns as follows:

As of April 1, 2006 there were 52 inmates on death row in Missouri. Through our studies of the death penalty in Missouri we have become more aware of the number of individuals who have been acquitted after being on death row. The innocent on death row were deprived of life. The death penalty is irrevocable. The judicial systems are not 100% accurate. How can we continue to put people to death without 100% assurance that they are guilty? In 2005, Missouri put four people to death. The death penalty is not worth the risk of innocent lives. We hope the state of Missouri will be aware of the issues surrounding the death penalty and stand up for the lives of the innocent.

Krista Odaffer
Celsey Brattrud
Hope Boyd
Jessica Graham

Editor's note: A list of 49 inmates on death row in Missouri and appeal arguments may be found here. One of the men on death row is Cecil Clayton, the convicted killer of Barry County Deputy Christopher Lee Castetter. A related story on Castetter is here.

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