Call center is given tax credits
August 19, 2012
SPRINGFIELD The Missouri Department of Economic Development announced today that a Springfield call center has been approved for state tax credits under the Enhanced Enterprise Zone program. Sunrise Communications, a call center for cell phone companies, will relocate to a larger facility, creating 30 new jobs and making new capital investment of $300,000.

To help Sunrise Communications with its relocation plan, the state of Missouri has authorized an economic incentive package that includes $83,468 in Enhanced Enterprise Zone program tax credits over five years for the facility located at 3322 South Campbell, Springfield.

Enhanced Enterprise Zones are specified geographic areas designated by local governments and certified by the Department of Economic Development. Zone designation is based on certain demographic criteria, the potential to create sustainable jobs in a targeted industry and a demonstrated impact on local cluster development.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Aren't we all excited over this? --the chance to get another minimum wage job; tax credits instead of state income and the possibility of more phone calls at dinner time. We hope the credits at least are tied into the job creation and have a time limit. We often wonder whether the credits are rescinded when the company doesn't make good on the promise of added employment.....

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