Begin 4-yr. teaching program at Crowder
January 04, 2005
Crowder College recently signed an exciting teacher-education program articulation agreement with Southwest Missouri State University (SMSU), Ozarks Technical College, and SMSU at West Plains, creating a "seamless" program for the preparation of students majoring in elementary education.

"We are very excited about the increased opportunities for our transfer students," stated Dr. Steven Gates, Crowder College President. "We also believe this type of program agreement will attract new students who see Crowder's teacher education program as a great way to start their four-year degree at SMSU."

Crowder students have long enjoyed a strong history of transfer cooperation with SMSU. The new agreement outlines not only the "smooth transfer of credits", but notes the "smooth transfer of students."

"We applaud the state's efforts to increase educational opportunities for prospective teachers. This surely will help to make entering the teaching profession more attractive, which is essential as we strive to provide an adequate supply of qualified teachers. The mutual agreement among SMSU-Springfield, OTC, Crowder College and SMSU-West Plains, which identifies common teacher education courses at each institution, will enhance the state's initiative and will facilitate the transfer of credits," said Dr. Bruno Schmidt, Vice President for Academic Affairs, SMSU.

The teacher education transfer agreement also provides increased cooperation between faculties of the four partner institutions, including yearly joint meetings of teacher education leaders. Also included, is a provision requiring a Crowder faculty representative to serve on SMSU's teacher education governing body, the Professional Educational Unit.

"I am particularly pleased that SMSU has agreed to give Crowder faculty an active membership in their Professional Education Unit where they will have opportunities to work with other teacher education faculty," said Gates. "I applaud the visionary leadership of SMSU President Dr. John Keiser; Vice-President for Academic Affairs Dr. Bruno Schmidt, and Dr. Fred Groves, Chair of the Teacher Education Division."

Crowder will also play a supporting role for building student electronic teaching portfolios, a part of which must begin during the first two years. The portfolios will then transfer to the receiving institution with the student.

Enrollment for the spring 2005 semester is currently underway at Crowder College. Crowder is closed Thursday, Jan. 6, for all-staff training. Classes begin January 10.

For information on the teacher education program, or for general registration information, call the Crowder College Admissions Office, 417-455-5718.

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