Crowder College to add paramedic program
March 02, 2005
The Board of Trustees of Crowder College unanimously have approved the addition of a paramedic science program to their curricula. An intensive 27-week certificate program (three 9-week courses) would be provided in order for students successfully to pass the state paramedic competency test. Students would then have the option to continue, either full-time or part-time, to complete an AAS degree and get a more liberalized education.

Completion of an Emergency Medical Technician program would be a prerequisite for admittance to the program. Enrollment would be limited to 15 students at a time.

An application for the new paramedic program has been submitted for the approval of the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education, according to a report by Roger Wagner. He said that the new Director of the Freeman Ambulance Service in McDonald County would be the program's chief supporter.

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