Biker cops to enforce traffic laws
April 21, 2006
After completing intensive two-week motorcycle training at the Northwestern Traffic Institute in Evanston, IL, traffic officers Justin Keller and Shelby Howard will be patrolling Joplin streets on two wheels. The Joplin Police Department has recently reintroduced into service its motorcycle in an effort to address hazardous moving violations such as red light violators and speeders.

Lt. Geoff Jones, commander of the Patrol Division, says, “The motorcycle can get in and out of traffic much easier than a squad car, especially on the busier roadways like Range Line Rd. This should help with enforcement efforts in areas where traffic is heavy and accidents are frequent.” If the motorcycle enforcement efforts prove successful, the department hopes to add others to the fleet.

JPD first began using motorcycles in 1911 with the first traffic squad of motorcycles being organized in 1947. Over the years, the department has utilized motorcycles for various functions, such as for parades and special details as well as for traffic enforcement. It plans to introduce the community to its newest motorcycle at the Blessing of the Bikes event to be held in Landreth Park this weekend.

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