Debris disposal, including burning, are outlined
May 22, 2008
With weather warming up and many people working in their yards, the city of Joplin reminds citizens about debris clean-up, disposal and the regulations of burning within city limits.

In order to burn, citizens will need to obtain a burn permit from the city’s finance department

Residents still will need to inquire with the Joplin Fire Department about weather conditions and on specific days if burning is allowed. Residents may obtain this information by calling (417) 623-0403.

“Residents should call each and every day prior to burning,” said Joplin Fire Chief Gary Trulson. “The Fire Department makes this determination early in the day to allow our residents time to complete their yard work.”

Trulson also reminds citizens that they need to call on weekends as well. “Although residents may have the burn permit, it is not a guarantee that the weather conditions will be favorable for burning. We evaluate wind speed, storm movements, humidity and precipitation in our decision to allow burning.”

The city ordinance allows for burning of residential vegetative waste only. Such permitted piles shall be limited to less than three feet in diameter by two feet high. The burn piles must be located at least 50 feet from any structure and be monitored until extinguished. A fire extinguisher or garden hose must be present during burning operations.

If residents purchase a permit, and burn conditions are not favorable during their three-day period, they may return it to the finance department within three days to receive another permit that will be good for an additional three days.

“Burning is an option,” said Trulson, “but there are several other good options to remove debris. One is as simple as putting it at curbside for the trash service to pick up on their regular scheduled day.”

Residents may place tree limbs out with their trash on their regular trash service day. Limbs should be cut to a maximum of four feet and bundled. Bundles shall be no heavier than 50 pounds. The diameter of each tree limb shall be no larger than four inches. Debris may be placed in garbage sacks and should not weigh more than 50 pounds.

Citizens also may take tree limbs to the Allied Waste Services Transfer Station on Old Route 66, in Galena, KS. This service is free for Joplin residents and landlords using the city’s residential trash service, during the regular program hours of Monday through Thursday and Saturday, 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. To certify residency everyone also must bring a copy of a recent water bill or landlord dumpster/polycart rental bill AND matching identification.

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