Citizens asked to prioritize health issues
December 21, 2009
The Jasper and Newton Counties Community Health Collaborative (CHC) is in the process of conducting a new comprehensive community health assessment for the two-county area. The CHC conducts an assessment approximately every 3-4 years to identify health issues in the two-county area (including the city of Joplin). This community health assessment process involves a review of local community health status indicators such as disease or injury rates, environmental or societal issues that may impact community health and community perception of the status of community health.

In order to obtain local resident perception of community health issues, the three local health departments are asking local residents to participate in the assessment process by filling out a survey.

This health issue survey can be accessed by logging on here.

Click on the following health departments for access to their websites: Jasper County Health Department, Newton County Health Department, and the Joplin Health Department.

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