Bacterial disease is showing up in Jasper County
March 24, 2010
The Jasper County Health Department is currently investigating a cluster of gastrointestinal illnesses in the 64830 zip code area of Jasper County. The illnesses have been caused by the bacteria Campylobacter.

Campylobacteriosis is an infectious disease which causes diarrhea, cramping, abdominal pain, and fever within two to five days after exposure to the organism. The diarrhea may be bloody and can be accompanied by nausea and vomiting. The illness typically lasts a week and usually does not result in any long-term health problems. The duration of the illness can be shortened by consulting your medical provider and receiving appropriate treatment.

Most cases of campylobacter occur after eating raw or undercooked poultry meat, from cross-contamination of other foods, unpasteurized food or milk, contaminated water, or contact with infected animals.

Physicians and clinical laboratories that diagnose campylobacter should report their findings to their local health department. For any questions, please contact the Jasper County Health Department at (417) 358-3111 or your primary medical provider.

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