City encourages rebuilding by providing info
September 21, 2011
The city of Joplin reminds property owners that there are various incentives and assistance programs that may assist them in the rebuilding phase.

For renters who plan to stay a renter, the Salvation Army is an option for assistance. For a renter who plans to purchase or build a home available options include obtaining an FHA 203(h) mortgage or become involved in the MHDC-MoAID Homeowner Program. For homeowners needing assistance with repairs the Home Repair Opportunity Program (HOME), Mennonite Disaster Services, the Neighborhood Preservation Act and the Salvation Army will help. Single family owner-occupiers with incomes of $38,000 or less for a four person family, rebuilding on their own assistance may include an FHA 203(h) mortgage, Habitat for Humanity (check their income guidelines and residence requirements), HOME limited to $20,000 per participating household, the Mennonite Disaster Service, MHDC-MoAID

Homeowner Program, Neighborhood Preservation Act and Samaritan's Purse. For homeowners with incomes of $83,850 or less may seek help from an FHA 203(h) mortgage, the MHDC-MoAID Homeowner Program and the Neighborhood Preservation Act.

Contact information:

Additional information is provided by phoning the Tornado Assistance Information Hotline at (417) 627-2900.

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