Disapproval for Sheriff Copeland
August 11, 2008
To the editor:

What Lonny Steele said about Copeland's report card:

In reference to a report in the August 6, 2008 addition of the Neosho Daily News Sheriff Ken Copeland said it was time for his report card from the voters.

He must have gone to a different school than the rest of us. Copeland's report card shows he only made a 49% score on his test. He received 3256 vote while Lonny Steele and Mike Langland received 3377 votes, not to mention the Libertarian votes cast.

In the eyes of more than half of the voters in the primary election Copeland didn't make the grade! I never heard of a school passing anyone with a grade like this. Copeland needs to be set back a grade to find out where he failed the Newton County residents. Look out Copeland you didn't pass the test.

Elizabeth Steele
Stark City, MO

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