Jehovah's Witnesses to convene in Tulsa
June 30, 2005
TULSA — In a world where self-interest and secular theories have made obedience to God seem unappealing, Jehovah’s Witnesses in Southwest Missouri actually welcome the concept. They are even openly promoting it as beneficial, according to convention spokesman David Richter of Wyandotte, OK.

Jehovah’s Witnesses from Joplin to Shell Knob are inviting all in the area to attend the “Godly Obedience” District Conventions to be held July 1-3 and 8-10, 2005, at the Convention Center, 100 Civic Center, Tulsa. Missouri Witnesses will provide delegates to both conventions, expected to attract some 12,000 persons. The two Tulsa meetings are just part of a national series of more than 200 conventions being presented by Jehovah’s Witnesses throughout the United States this summer. Over 1.5 million are expected to attend.

Three local men will appear on the convention program. They are Charles R. Durbin of Neosho, Maurice Evans Smith of Nixa, and Richter.The program, according to Richter, will emphasize that “the Bible’s teaching on obedience to God benefits not only those who believe in the Creator, but all persons who see the wisdom of following sound and right principles of conduct. “

Each day’s program will be based on a Bible passage highlighting the theme of godly obedience, Richter said. Witnesses believe that obedience to God’s commandments and direction is superior as a way of life, he said, compared with what Richter described as the “waywardness” of humankind in general. Convention Manager Darrell Barnes of Tulsa added that, “workable advice for families will be presented throughout the convention.”

Barnes said, “Of special interest will be the keynote address on Friday, entitled ‘Follow the Model in Your Obedience to God.’ Another intriguing program part will be ‘What Does the Bible Really Teach?’ The speaker will clarify misconceptions on beliefs commonly attributed to the Bible.”

Other program highlights, Richter said, include a baptism ceremony Saturday, and a Bible-based costumed drama tailored for young people, and a special discourse for the public, both on Sunday.

The public is invited to attend, according to Barnes, with sessions starting at 9:30 a.m. Admission is free and no collections will be taken.

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