Rumsfeld is out of touch
November 20, 2005
"Thank you for coming. You always have answers," Bob Schieffer told Secretary of Defense, Donald H. Rumsfeld this morning on "Face the Nation."

Schieffer didn't mask the emotion he was feeling after questioning Rumsfeld about the thousands of people being killed in Iraq which he said "can't be progress" and about the Republican attacks on Congressman John Murtha (D-PA), a man in contact with the military who has come out against the war.


Rumsfeld seemed to brush off the current death toll as necessary in the fight against "terrorism." He alluded to former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's "killing fields," as an excuse for the current death toll.

Schieffer made a good point about the Iraqis defending their own country, Rumsfeld admitted, but he withdrew the impression he initially seemed to make that the U.S. was getting ready to pull the troops out. Bringing down the number is a general's decision, he said.

When asked about the criticism of John Murtha, Rumsfeld's reply was, "Oh, goodness I've been in Australia. I haven't followed the debate tit for tat." Rumsfeld also suggested that being on an airplane flying back from Australia somehow put him out of touch with the latest news.

He finally admitted that the 37-year marine corps vet and decorated Vietnam hero was "not a coward," but he wouldn't "get into stuff about Murtha being compared to Michael Moore".

When Schieffer brought up the polls that showed 60% of Americans disproved of the Administration's war policies, Cheney said that anyone "chasing polls would get seasick; they go up and down, up and down. It's the "president who knows the "war is worth fighting," Cheney said. In referring to the poll-takers voicing their criticism of the war, Cheney said that "they'll find their way to the right decision."

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