Democrats continued to be labeled sinners
May 06, 2005
The cleansing continues. Democrats are excommunicated from East Waynesville Baptist Church, Waynesville, North Carolina. For those who didn’t take the radical right’s promise to “eradicate liberals” seriously, this example is a very visible reminder.

Remember Schiavo, and the sin attributed by the T.V. evangelists Dobson, Falwell, Roberston, and Phelps to those who supported her right to die ? Remember the demonizing of the Democrats during the 04’ campaign as anti-Christian? Did you think this attitude would just fade away after the election?

Posted on the website of the ABC Channel 13 affiliate’s for Western North Carolina ("Religion and Politics Clash", 5/6/05) is the following:

East Waynesville Baptist asked nine members to leave. Now 40 more have left the church in protest. Former members say Pastor Chan Chandler gave them the ultimatum, saying if they didn't support George Bush, they should resign or repent. The minister declined an interview with News 13. But he did say "the actions were not politically motivated." There are questions about whether the bi-laws were followed when the members were thrown out.

In addition here's a quote from the video: "One of the local women who got excommunicated said on TV that it was like a cult. Another man who got excommunicated said that the rest of the congregation stood up and applauded as the Democrats were told to leave."

So if you didn’t vote for Bush, you had to “repent your sin”. But then the influential church members decided they did not want to deal with the liberal sinners in their congregation at all.

OK, lets say 95% of the population would find this action by this church outrageous and wrong. Then a second church does it and only 89% of the population find it wrong and many of those will not be as vocal with the excuse that this type of thing happens and it’s best not to get involved.

Do we have a name for this road we are going down? Has this happened before?

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