Medicare Part D and the "little guy"
February 17, 2007
Commentary: An open letter to U.S. Representative Roy Blunt

Dear Roy,

Hope your prostate cancer does not return. Glad you had great preventative care. My wife remembers the little chat she had with you about it. I’m sure your bottom line was not terribly affected by the cost of your care.

I'd like to explain how Medicare Part D is impacting my family's welfare. I really want to thank you for voting for the Medicare Modernization Act that gave us the privatized Part D.

Thank you for helping to move my family closer to bankruptcy. It could be worse as my wife says: “At least we aren’t Muslims”. But really, no kidding, we want to thank you on behalf of Jesus and God and.....

From the start of the Part D program in '06 to the beginning of '07 just one of my wife’s high tier drugs has risen 32% in cost to over $1600.00 a month.

The drug plans that covered my wife in '05 promptly dropped her in '06 when Part D came available. WE HAD NO CHOICE IN THE MATTER. WE COULD NOT GO SHOPPING FOR ANY OTHER PLANS. THERE WERE NONE. Now that Part D has us by the throat, the fees are being jacked like a "no bid contractor".

Now we get letters from our drug plan provider that our "out of pocket" expenses that we need to pay for have been jacked by 7% to $3850.00. Of course, this does not include the catastrophic cost share and the meds not covered by Part D.

Hope you have a great Congressional session. And once again I just want to thank you for your considerate representation. I have full faith and confidence that your future votes will reflect your past performance.

(signed) Mark Adams

P.S. I am ever thankful that privatization and free market economics that you promote are so honest, moral and ethical.

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