July 17, 2003

A volcanic eruption on the British West Indies island of Montserrat in the Leeward chain southwest of Antigua, July 12-13, spewed ash into the Caribbean Sea and caused airport delays as far away as Puerto Rico. No one was injured in the 40,000 foot blast from the Soufriere Hills (elevation about 3,000 feet) volcano. (Photo submitted by Nevis resident)

The faint outline of a spiderman shirt shows through along with a bright yellow tag every child who attended this muddy event got for safety. The fourth annual Mudstock was held in Carthage, MO on July 12. Sponsored by the police and fire departments, the event allows these departments to interact with kids and their parents on a non-combatant level. (Photo by mariwinn)

Missouri Southern State University co-eds bathe in the hot waters of Tabacon Springs in Quesada, Costa Rica. The women visited Costa Rica last May as part of a criminal justice program. They are: (foreground, L-R), Jill Kuenzel, and Katherine Overman; (background, L-R), Laura Scott, Ashley Taylor and Victoria Matthews. Matthews is the 2003 Jasper County Youth Fair Queen. (Photo by Mike Wilson)

Iridescence in pileus clouds was captured in the Everglades National Park, Florida on July 17 using a Nikon digital camera and a Leica Televid77APO spotting scope. According to atmospheric expert, Les Crowley, pileus clouds, located above cumulus clouds, consist of a veil-like layer of water droplets. Any cloud formed suddenly like this has all its droplets of similar size, an absolutely ideal condition for iridescence. (Photo by David La Puma, noted birder)

Greeting you is a ram from the Erriff Valley, Connemara, Ireland. The woolly breed, although owned and tagged, runs freely in the countryside. (Photo by Vince Rosati, vrfoto)

Even with two victims within a year, the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDot) had done nothing to prevent cars from being able to catapult off the end of the median at the east end of the Shoal Creek Bridge on I-44 westbound and fall 75 feet into a watery grave below. And now, according to Newton County Coroner Mark Bridges, a third man, William W. Zimmerman of Tulsa, has died and his wife hospitalized when their Dodge Voyager, a van, plunged into the creek. Why the man left the highway in the fast lane is unknown. It is assumed that, like the others, he was traveling at 70 mph or more with no guard rails to stop him from entering the median and no baffle at the end of it to stop his descent. Shown is one of the divers who searched the murky water near the wrecked vehicle (seen moved from original impact site). A by-stander, who had witnessed the accident from the highway, helped rescue Mary C. Zimmerman after he slid down an embankment leading to the creek bed. (Photo by Don Chou)

Planned, designed and constructed in 1969 by the US Army Corps of Engineers, Stockton Lake with 298 miles of shoreline, 12 parks and 24,900 acres of water surface has garnered a reputation for being one of the finest sailboat lakes in the US. The Stockton Yacht Club hosts several races each year. (Photo by ashley)

Pictured are two species of Lobelia-- L. cardinalis (red) and L. siphilitica (blue). It is not often that one finds two closely related species with brilliant flowers growing side by side. They also hybridize and flower from August throught October. This photo was taken at Big Springs near Van Buren, Missouri with a Canon EOS 50 mm. macro lens with a ring flash and F.11 setting using Kodachrome25 film. (Photo by Stephen Timme)

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