I'm leaving on a jet plane...
October 02, 2004

Nobody was astonished over hearing that I planned to leave the country for a while. Folks themselves seemed to be getting fed up with the politcal barb-itry: Kerry is a flip-flopper. Kerry is a flip-flopper. Son of a Bush. Son of a Bush.....enough to make independents throw up, especially after a stomachful of fluorine. By the way, I did receive my absentee ballot.

So, what better place to learn to appreciate the benefits of life in America than by hopping over to alleged enemy territory. I'm told that a little Bush bashing gets one a tip of the chapeau in France not to mention respect after a few mutual sips of wine at the Cave de Marc & Sebastien.

I plan to fly first to Dublin, Ireland where I probably shall not neglect to pay attention to teeth. Ireland is still a fluoridated country in spite of the reversal of many other European nations.

Hopefully, I will find well placed Internet cafes along the way in order to be able to send back pictures of my travels. In any event please be kind to the dont't-forget-unpaid skeleton staff left behind in charge of keeping the website up to date.

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