God's word, dress codes & defense of breakfast
November 30, 2004
Believing that religion defies logic, no one can successfully argue for or against anything in religious terms. Any passage one may find in the Bible to justify an argument may easily be countered by an equally persuasive passage that exists to tear it asunder. The interpretation of God's word also seems to change with societal norms.

Wouldn't it be great if the good in people were celebrated? Isn't a homosexual lifestyle in part nature's way of limiting an otherwise bludgeoning population problem? Isn't there good in that? We can't begin to imagine why the heterosexual population would seem threatened. No man, especially ministers, the likes of Rev. Fred Phelps Sr. of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, KS, can speak for the Word of God. If that word exists, it is too great to fit secular language spoken by God's alleged representatives, the same folks who might justify war and the maiming of innocents to foster their religious principles.

We support the decision by Webb City R-7 school officials to uphold their established dress code as long as the code represents the wishes of the majority of Webb City parents who care about the issue. Perhaps, they might consider uniforms to fan the fires of discontent. Probably, few students would favor that--certainly not mall clothing merchants. Consequently, students would leave their advertising tees at home.

It's amazing how quick the American Civil Liberties Union intervenes to defend what they purportedly believe to be infringement of individual liberties. The ACLU's lawsuit recently filed against R-7 officials on behalf of Webb City student Brad Mathewson's right to wear a Gay Pride tee shirt to school in this case obviously oversteps local norms. We see a potential problem in handcuffing a group like the ACLU in spite of the potential cost to taxpayers. However, the ACLU could be a bit more discriminating in the cases they accept. (Where were they when Park Academy (Joplin) parents needed support in keeping their school open?)

Globe staff writer Derek Spellman did a nice job of covering the protest outside of the Webb City High School yesterday morning. In answer to the question in the forum from one of our readers as to why we weren't there, "Should we have been?" We were having a really nourishing breakfast instead.

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