More behind Rohr's lawsuit than KODE-TV relates
May 16, 2005
The media has an intolerable reputation for misleading the public. "I was there. It didn't happen that way" are comments often heard in response to facts presented by otherwise reputable news organizations.

Deadlines may limit the amount of time devoted to researching articles by mainstream media reporters. Air time limitations definitely play a role in presenting comprehensive news coverage on TV. This may be the excuse for why Alan Cavanna's KODE-TV news segment dated May 15, 2005, posted on the KODE website under the title, "Joplin City Manager Loses Suit," seems to have presented a slightly negative slant against Joplin City Manager, Mark Rohr.

There's an interesting history behind the lawsuit as covered by the "Dayton Daily News."

In 2002 Miami County Judge Jeffrey Welbaum ruled that a letter to two state agencies written by Charles "Mo" Gustin, a bar/restaurant owner, defamed Rohr when it suggested that the police had visited Rohr's residence three or four times on domestic violence calls. Gustin allegedly was trying to save his liquor license and business after the Piqua City Commission ruled against license renewal because of violations in the bar. After the ruling in favor of Rohr, the judge sent the case to a Common Pleas Court jury to determine what if any damages Rohr would be awarded.

Rohr filed a lawsuit against Gustin seeking $1 million for damages to his reputation, pain, and mental anguish and unspecified punitive damages. However, in less than an hour, the jury ruled against awarding Rohr money. The jury refused to assess monetary blame for defamation of character.

KODE's parent company disappoints stockholders

Randy Turner is his "Turner Report" blog of May 13, 2005, calls his readers' attention to the poor performance of the stock of Nexstar Broadcasting, de facto owner of KODE...and rightly so. According to, the stock fell to a new 52-week low. "Expectations are that this company will lose money this year," Morningstar reports.

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